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Gumdrop 4 announcement

Gumdrop 4 is now in development with an intended release date of early or mid July. This new version updates the grid system (don’t worry, it’s still flexboxes) and adds improved styling of form controls. Additionally, this update reduces the amount of “div soup” required for certain components. In this post, I’ll be detailing the inspiration behind Gumdrop 4 as well as providing a look at new components coming to Gumdrop. (more…)

[Ad] Freelance Work

Now that I am done with school, my schedule has opened up and this allows me to take on more freelance work. I am currently working on: 1 client project (small), and 2 personal projects. I have completed 2 client projects this year alone. It has been slow because I haven’t been looking nor have I been contacted by a serious client. (more…)


Design Team Production Wk5-10 [FINAL]

The past 5 weeks have been very productive as the JAN Design team has been busy at work with On Tap Barbershop in Ontario. My teammates, Jaime and Nathan were responsible for print collateral, which included redesigned business cards and letterhead, a direct mailer with giftcards, and several billboard campaign ideas. Alongside, we also redesigned the website, which is much better than what they previously had. (more…)

Design Team Production Wk4

This Week in Design Team Production, the team and I met once again to check up on our progress with the website and print collateral for OnTap Barbershop. I was busy with the site, as I was given full control of the site’s assets. I have managed to create a rough version of the site which was presented to the team. It was based on (more…)

Design Team Production Wk3

This week, in Design Team Production, we met to share our visions for the On Tap Barbershop website. We each presented a wire frame mockup of the site, along with some descriptions of features that could not be shown through a wire frame. Although our style tiles were very similar this past week, our wire frames differed enough that we had to come up with a hybrid solution. (more…)

Design Team Production Wk2

This week’s meeting of Design Team Production was rather short but we managed to meet with our client and have begun wire frames for the website. I also began working on the site’s style sheet based on the Gumdrop framework and the style tile we agreed on. The team all had similar visions for what the site should look like so much that we shared a color scheme. (more…)

Gumdrop framework logo

GumDrop – Fun for all

After nearly a week of bug fixing and finalizing several core components, I’m quite happy to announce GumDrop, a HTML5-ready, CSS3 framework for the modern web. Build websites using semantic code and spend less time worrying about what div goes where, unlike other frameworks. GumDrop allows anyone to quickly turn any “bare-bones” html file into a treat! (more…)

Design Team Production Wk1

This was the first week of the Fall Quarter, and also the first meeting of Design Team: Production. Over the next eleven (11) weeks, I’ll be detailing my process of creating various brand identity solutions for OnTap Barbershop, located in Ontario, California. These include stationary, a website, and a social media campaign. (more…)